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How Analytics Programs Can Achieve Success in the Long Run

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  • Investment Priorities
  • Things to Consider
  • Impact on Business
  • The Resource Shortage

For analytics programs, organizations must take steps to increase the probability of winning. CitiusTech VP and Head of Data Management Proficiency Rahul Mehta has points to share on this front. In this article at ET CIO, find out how analytics programs can achieve success in the long run.

The Dependencies of Analytics Programs

Organizations want to leverage data analytics programs to drive business outcomes and customer experience. That is possible if you have a credible data architecture that could ensure data accuracy, throughput, and viability. Mehta clarifies below how organizations can experience success in analytics programs:

  • Investment Priorities: Organizations must invest in creating a stable data architecture as well as implementing essential technologies. Work on low-impact analytics programs and scale them up once you experience success. After running a successful pilot project, train the employees, align your processes, and automate where necessary. Get key stakeholder buy-ins for initial wins.
  • Things to Consider: Organizations should gather knowledge in data integration and mining, enterprise warehouse management, data lakes, data security, user experience, etc. It will be useful for analytics processes like developing reports or dashboards and managing rules and performances. For long-term delivery models, like in healthcare, analytics programs also must embrace emerging technologies like AI, ML, and deep learning.
    Also, address challenges regarding access to the right data, scalable business models, and deployment alternatives. Data sanitization is another crucial success ingredient for your analytics programs.
  • Impact on Business Bottom Line: After successful implementation, analytics programs can bring significant business benefits. Technology can automate the manual day-to-day tasks and guarantee error-free results. Meanwhile, you can redirect human resources to strategic assignments.
  • Answer to Resource Shortage: Analytics programs require a myriad of talents. With the present shortage of skilled resources, it has become imperative for organizations to retain and nurture the relevant resources. Hire candidates that have domain proficiency as well as the understanding of the verticals they need to work with. Organizations must provide in-house training as well as build partnerships with learning institutions.

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