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Sophisticated Cyber-attacks? Behavioral Analytics Can Help You Fight Them

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Cybercriminals run sophisticated cyber-attacks for months, but behavioral analytics can alert security teams beforehand. The best approach is to have endpoint checkpoints as well as analyze individual and enterprise behavioral patterns. Behavioral analytics can then identify suspicious activities and prevent cyber-attacks. In this article at TechBeacon, John P. Mello Jr. explains how behavioral analytics helps fight against sophisticated cyber-attacks.

The Offerings

One of the elementary features of behavioral analytics tools is detecting anomalies in your network and system usage patterns. Though a different command might escape a developer’s eyes, the software would capture it. Similarly, they protect your endpoints by running advanced algorithms and remain vigilant throughout. Here’s what you need to utilize analytics fully:


  • According to Interset CTO Stephan Jou, you can increase the accuracy of threat analysis by feeding the BA tools with endpoint data. You can find out irregularities in a user’s login rate, work timings, and database access from unrecognized systems. Threats from hacked privilege accounts might go undetected otherwise. Head of information security analytics of Positive Technologies Ekaterina Kilyusheva adds that BA tools would warn you about endpoint activities.
  • CrowdStrike chief product officer Amol Kulkarni points out that monitoring endpoints alone cannot prevent cyber threats. However, it is a starting point to map out the threat scope of any organization. To perform the necessary steps, you must have real-time data visibility to understand what you are dealing with.
  • Analytics helps you defer attacks, but only when you team it up with your existing security protocols and systems. “Behavioral analytics will not replace existing security systems,” remarks VMware Carbon Black senior threat researcher Greg Foss. BA tools and endpoint monitoring can be more powerful and accurate when they utilize your existing security framework.

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