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Why You Need Behavioral Analytics for Enterprise Cybersecurity

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The majority of the cybersecurity breaches happen due to human errors, and behavioral analytics can prevent this to a large extent. As your enterprise grows, more employees and applications need to have seamless connectivity. Though it benefits your organization in several ways, it also increases cybersecurity risks. In this article at Solutions Review, Ben Canner describes how behavioral analytics is necessary for enterprise cybersecurity.

Behavioral Analytics Advantages

No matter how efficient your security team is, it is not possible to screen every employee, system, application, or networking channels in your enterprise. However, with the help of behavioral analytics, you can examine developments, models, and events of all your assets and people.

For instance, a team member accesses the internal database four times a day through a secure network. Behavioral analytics leverages machine learning and statistical analysis to identify typical user behavior. Your BA tool can alert the security teams if the user deviates from the predictable pattern. This notification allows the units to verify if the employee’s activity is harmless. Otherwise, they should rush to secure the database from hackers.

Use for Cybersecurity

According to Centrify, 74 percent of the enterprise breaches happen from accounts with premium privileges. Also, 80 percent of cyber-attacks are due to compromised user accounts. So, hackers like to impersonate people your network knows. If cybercriminals win, your enterprise loses productivity as well as market credibility.

The point is that hackers do more than logging in and out of employee accounts to compromise your enterprise assets. Behavioral analytics can detect these unusual activities, and the security team takes proactive actions before it is too late. It helps the understaffed and overworked security employees in preventing possible cyber-attacks.

How to Leverage It?

You can start by considering a use case concerning your enterprise size, industry, application, and IT framework. Pay more importance to efficiency than speed when you select a behavioral analytics tool. Too many tools also raise compatibility issues, so look for something long-term and straightforward.

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