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Data Privacy Trends You Must Be Aware Of

Data privacy has become an integral part of the discussion for senior management across the world. Customers and business owners are trying to save their data from prying eyes, be it threat actors or service providers. Since organizations must move forward with data management strategies, you must learn about the ongoing data privacy trends and issues. Hafiz Sheikh Adnan Ahmed shares current data privacy trends in this ISACA article.

List of Data Privacy Trends

More laws are coming out to protect data privacy now, so organizations must be aware of the prevalent issues worldwide. The majority of them have trouble with some basic queries. For instance, business owners still ask if data privacy management must be a continuous process. So, ISACA surveyed to understand data privacy trends and challenges. Here are the results:


45 percent of survey participants are not sure of the regulations they must follow to keep the lights on. 41 percent complain about management downtime and disengaged stakeholders. 41 percent of respondents convey that their organizations did not have the needed in-house skills and resources to cope with the data privacy trends.


14 percent of working professionals reveal that their companies did not conduct any privacy training initiatives. However, 67 percent of the participants report of having an annual training process. Companies must understand that these training sessions should be frequent to regularly update employees.

Budget, Assessment

50 percent state that their budget for data privacy was inadequate. A mere 34 percent confirm of having a program with a proper budget. However, 46 percent of respondents validate that their companies regularly assess privacy risks. “Privacy risk assessments, privacy impact assessments, privacy self-assessments and privacy audits/assessments are viable methods of evaluating program effectiveness,” affirms Ahmed.


This is one of the most interesting data privacy trends highlighted in the report. 17 percent of the organizations have vacancies in legal or compliance departments, and 25 percent are looking for personnel for their technical privacy team. 82 percent of the European working professionals utilize GDPR, while 58 percent of the U.S. workforce use the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Privacy Framework.

Data privacy trends will keep changing per industry requirements. So, technologies should be used to regulate compliance. The non-compliance troubles have made this the chief conversation topic for any board. So, organizations are paying more attention to data privacy trends despite pandemic disruptions.

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