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Can Big Data Analytics Improve Government Sectors?

Various government sectors have been using data infrastructure to make informed decisions for better implementation of public policies. Big data analytics have become more relevant in the current digital scenario. Government agencies are better prepared to analyze, access, and implement data for the greater good of the public. They are also planning to use big data analytics to collaborate with public domains for better transparency with the community.

Services like transportation, public health, education, homeland security, and weather services will directly benefit from this concept. In her article for The Data Administration Newsletter, Ainsley Lawrence talks about the modern implementation of big data structure in government agencies.

Role of Big Data Analytics in Government Sectors

The primary concern of big data structure is to improve the well-being of communities. Here are a few government sectors that can directly benefit from big data analytics:

  • Healthcare – The healthcare sector can gather information through data initiatives and launch targeted schemes for mental health and addiction issues. Data management can coordinate and manage situations better that need immediate healthcare assistance.
  • Smart city models – The idea of ‘smart cities’ has become more executable with the help of data management and strategies. Big data analytics help government agencies improve municipal administration, public safety, transportation, and infrastructure. Data infrastructure plays a crucial role in assisting public and private firms with artificial intelligence, automation, and cloud computing.

Improving State Security

Extensive data infrastructure can undoubtedly help businesses strengthen cybersecurity. The big data structure is responsible for gathering and evaluating data processes. Lawrence states that there are two main aspects where extensive data infrastructure has strengthened government security:

  • Election data – There has been considerable improvement in big data analytics and blockchain technology. It has helped government agencies to safeguard the details of the public.
  • Identification models – With the help of blockchain technology, identification models help the government prevent identity theft and reduce the time of processing and accessing data.

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