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Why Data Governance Is Vital for Digital Disruption

Data incorporation and evaluation have become quite essential in businesses worldwide. Data operations help companies implement techniques to derive profit through data infrastructure. However, there are certain aspects that people are not paying much attention to. Experts believe that implementing data governance can help enterprises better explore profits at a higher level. It also helps businesses supervise and improve the efficiency, security, and availability of organizational data. To ensure data and business productivity, it is crucial that you monitor data governance throughout the data cycle. In his article for Transforming Data with Intelligence, Chris Kalima talks about the role and ways to incorporate data governance in your organization.

How to Improve Data Governance

Cultivate a Culture of Trust

There are several ways to cultivate a culture of trust:

  • Set control policies – An effective data operations (DataOps) setup focuses on decentralizing data access controls. It also ensures that the data is made accessible after going through a set of policies.
  • Identity security – Internet of Things (IoT) devices have become increasingly prevalent in modern data operations scenarios. It is crucial to keep an eye on authentication and identity management procedures to keep track of data devices and their activities.
  • Conduct audits – Audits provide much-needed transparency to the stakeholders, ultimately generating trust among different organizations.

Nurture Data Exchangeability

Data exchangeability, also known as data interoperability, is the idea of sharing, exchanging, and consuming information to use data in a holistic manner. Several methods can help you implement data exchangeability:

  • Data integration
  • Data exchange
  • Data usability

Encourage Data Governance and Collaboration

Kalima points out that many companies treat data as intellectual property because it helps them gain an advantage over their competitors. However, companies should rethink this entire idea of keeping data confidential. It will not help them get a better grip on the market in the future or improve their data governance. Researchers suggest that data collaboration between government entities and companies can help safeguard the national interest. It can also support data governance in the long run by stimulating the business ecosystem.

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