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Ken Pfeil’s Views and Strategy to Enhance Data Governance

A good data governance program ensures that data is readily accessible, of good quality, and relevant. Governance programs could be more effective if all businesses adhered to them. It is easier for companies to capitalize on data-driven opportunities and save resources with good governance. Data processing and clean-up can take up more than half of an analytics team’s time. This article in StateTech Magazine by Adam Stone shares the insights from a question-answer session with Ken Pfeil, chief data officer in Virginia’s Office of Data Governance and Analytics.

Data Governance

StateTech spoke with Pfeil about his role as a CDO and the rising applications of data to serve state government. Data governance commitment is necessary to transform siloed data into enterprise-wide insights. It works best when it can scale and adapt to a company’s changing business needs. Although it requires a lot of effort to get there, it is an important function in today’s competitive environment. In addition to pushing for the permanent establishment of his temporarily permitted agency, he is also striving to increase data accessibility across the state government.

Ken Pfeil’s Insights on Data Governance

Priority – Creating a comprehensive, Commonwealth-wide analytics platform for all their agencies. To have at least ten agencies using the predictive analytics model by the end of the year.

Technologies – Utilizing an advanced analytics platform with cloud services to offer a single sign-on portal.

Challenge– Creating an agreement in the legislative realm requires securing the proper backing and buy-in from the executive, judicial, and legislative branches.

Roadmap – Building a comprehensive strategy with consistent baselines across all your stakeholders.

Opportunity – Utilizing data insights to make more educated decisions. Predictive analysis can provide insights to produce new goods and deliver services. Analytical data can also improve emergency response times and aid in public safety.

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