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Is Graph Technology the Future of Business Data Analysis?

The COVID-19 pandemic has played a key role in compelling pharmaceutical firms to realign their data structure and analytics. Pharmaceutical companies are looking for effective methods that can help them implement better data relationships with clients. Graph technology is one of the recent methods to study data efficiently. It enables pharma enterprises to manage and explore a large amount of data without any significant issues. In a conversation with Pharmaceutical Commerce, Dr. Alexander Jarasch shares how graph technology can shape the pharmaceutical industry.

How Graph Technology Is Shaping the Pharma Industry

Data Storage: A Recent Concern

When companies accumulate data, it becomes problematic to revisit and analyze it. Jarasch mentions that bringing a sense of context while comprehending data is vital. It is essential to structure it beforehand, so the assessment phase does not take a long time.

Dr. Jarasch’s Journey in the Pharmaceutical World

Jarasch chose to study life sciences with structural biochemistry. He also had a particular inclination toward computer science because he wanted to make a practical difference in the world.

Harnessing Graph Technology

Pharmaceutical companies aspire to connect clinical data with basic research. There are many phases in the clinical trials of medicines that directly impact patients. Data study allows firms to establish the right connections between different fields of medicine and studies.

COVID-19 and Its Aftermath

The pandemic forced companies to upscale the digitization process. Pharmaceutical companies began to use graph technology that integrates code with entities and relationships. It allows your data to follow a more naturalistic approach, making it more understandable and three-dimensional.

How Graph Technology Is Helping Patients

Jarasch mentions, “We have to always remember that a medical doctor is not a computer scientist—they don’t have training on querying data from a database. That’s one of the biggest challenges in data and life sciences then and now to get the user involved and make findings easily accessible.” Modern pharma companies are trying to make data analytics more comprehensive and relevant.

Digital Disruption and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Graph technology allows pharma companies to provide individual help to clients that impact their customized data plans. However, firms should prioritize data analytics and its enforcement.

How Things Will Change

Pharma companies are trying to find a balance between unstructured medical data and research. Doing so will ease the process of balanced learning that will help firms appease their stakeholders, workforce, and clients.

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