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Will Automated Journalism Shape the Future of Online Press?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in nearly every industry to streamline operations. AI’s widespread advantages can be witnessed in key sectors such as health, agriculture, education, and banking. Today, AI is used in news media to speed up research and accumulate data. Many professionals believe that a story written by a journalist with assistance from AI is perceived as the least biased and credible news story. So, how is automated journalism changing the future of news media? This article at What’s New In Publishing explains how automation accelerates and improves reporting and reshapes media business models.

The Role of Data in Automated Journalism

Incorporating AI into news reporting helps publishers and reporters work more efficiently. Furthermore, AI platforms allow journalists to check facts in real-time and generate automated news coverage. So, will robots replace human journalists? While AI can assist with content creation and automated journalism, it cannot be a substitute for human reporting. Human journalists are skilled in developing relationships, determining newsworthy topics, and conducting in-depth data analysis. AI cannot perform these tasks.

Can Technology Combat Fake News and Misinformation?

Society relies upon transparent, accurate, balanced, and human reports. Artificial intelligence is now looked upon as a cornerstone to distinguish good from bad in online news reporting. This is because AI makes it easier to learn behaviors through pattern recognition. Studies reveal that hoax news articles can be easily identified by taking cues from articles flagged as inaccurate by people. Thus, technology helps newsrooms build public trust while boosting their financial stability.

Considering the benefits of AI in journalism, technology does have a space in the newsroom for helping reporters and publishers increase speed and efficiency in this ever-expanding global news media. Experts believe that automated journalism will positively impact how news is evaluated, especially concerning the perceived credibility of an article. To read the original article, click on

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