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Semiconductor Testing and Its Advanced Capabilities

Many other industries have been adversely affected by the Covid epidemic, but the semiconductor testing industry is in excellent health, perhaps better than ever. The high throughput capacity of production facilities is essential in times of intense market demand. As devices advance and have stringent performance requirements, their testing capabilities must keep up with those requirements while maintaining high standards of precision and effectiveness. This article at AIx Outlook discusses the significant changes the semiconductor testing environment is undergoing and its benefits.

Top Voices on Semiconductor Industry

The ACS Nexus system from Advantest Corporation, a semiconductor testing equipment supplier, and SiliconDash from Synopsys, a prominent supplier of EDA software and solutions to the semiconductor industry, has been integrated to deliver real-time data analytics. Through a central, standardized software interface accessible on-premise, Nexus enables access to aggregated data streams of various testing cells. Tight integration of ACS Nexus’ equipment platforms enables greater real-time analytics performance. The semiconductor industry must attain stable yield maximums while maintaining the best quality.

Vice President of ACS with Advantest Michael Chang stated, “Enabling this capability today for our ecosystem customers and partners unlocks the industry’s creative capacity to develop the most powerful and advanced solutions for the future of semiconductor test.”

Synopsys senior vice president Amit Sanghani, said that collaborating with Advantest to enable real-time SiliconDash empowers them to leverage their companies’ strengths. Additionally, he cites that Advantest has defined its vision for an open solution ecosystem as part of its Grand Design Strategy. This will facilitate the collaboration of its teams, customers, and third-party partners on advanced machine learning and data analytics solutions.

Benefits of Semiconductor Testing

Customers and partners may now collect test data in a secure, dependable, and consistent manner with fine-grained permission management from data owners through a single centralized interface. By expanding the current data logging capabilities through this software-defined interface, clients and data analytics providers can develop their analytical capabilities, swiftly reaching the necessary quality and yielding with the best efficiency.

Semiconductor testing floor operators will have will not be pressed to provide IT infrastructure for managing test data. This will improve the security of test floor operations and ultimately improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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