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Aircraft Performance: Is Advanced Analytics the New Fuel?

Jet fuel prices are rising at an unprecedented rate. In addition, the supply of aircraft is not able to match the demand of increasing passengers, and that is affecting overall aircraft performance. Airline companies have recently begun to incorporate advanced analytics to empower existing tools. Experts believe it will help airline firms optimize aircraft performance and reduce costs significantly. In his article for Datatechvibe, Victor Dey talks about the role of advanced analytics and how it can help companies in numerous ways.

How Advanced Analytics Will Empower Aircraft Performance

Modern tech developments, such as satellite communications/Satcom services and 5G networks, have built an impactful framework to upscale the aircraft infrastructure. Advanced analytics has been of great help in facilitating real-time data transfer. It allows any aircraft to relay changed flight plans and terrible weather conditions. This saves a considerable amount of fuel. Several aircraft corporations are working on installing 3D advanced analytics to reduce flight delays and operational costs.

How AI Can Help

Airline fair prices depend on various factors, such as market competition, fuel prices, and environmental emission restrictions. Artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies can improve aircraft performance by automating analytics operations. Moreover, aircraft firms can also maintain a piece of dedicated machinery to monitor the market trends and implement them to optimize business performance. Dey adds, “Predictive maintenance and air traffic control can be further revolutionized through AI and Machine learning. Optimizing the systems through such technologies can accelerate optimizing trajectories, creating greener routes, and increasing prediction accuracy.”

AI and ML can also improve the overall safety of aircraft. Various software models observe active flights and routes to ensure safety and path compliance. With the help of AI and advanced analytics, the software accumulates airplane data to generate an algorithm. The algorithm provides predictive recommendations for fuel and aircraft performance optimization.

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