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How You Can Drive Innovation with Telecom Analytics

Telecom analytics is becoming increasingly critical for the telecommunication industry’s success. Data accessibility is the key to unlocking insights and driving innovation in every industry. Telecom analytics allows companies to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs. By leveraging data insights, telecoms can improve their services and customer experience. Ultimately, the future of this industry will depend on how effectively companies can harness the power of telecom analytics. This article at Tech Informed by Fawad Qureshi discusses the imperative use of telecom analytics.

Unlocking the Value of Telecom Analytics for Growth

Telecoms need to prioritize data protection due to regulations like GDPR. However, outdated processes limit data access within organizations. To succeed, telecoms must unlock the business value of their data. Managing and analyzing data within their networks can help telecoms drive revenue, create new business streams, and improve maintenance. It can also help them manage network complexity.

Telecom companies are critical across various industries but have not fully harnessed the value of their data due to concerns about data privacy and regulations. Data clean room technology provides a secure and regulated environment for effortless data sharing. By using clean rooms, telcos can protect personal identifiable information (PII) while collaborating with other organizations, enabling joint analysis under defined guidelines. Retailers can leverage clean rooms to access valuable data tied to a user’s cellular number, enhancing personalization services and improving customer experiences.

Leveraging Telecom Analytics to Enhance Customer Experience

Understanding and leveraging individual network usage can lead to improved services and network advancements. The success of next-gen network rollouts has demonstrated the benefits of this approach. These innovative networks can effectively segment services and provide tailored agreements to consumers. Prioritizing value and personalized experiences allows providers to deliver optimal services based on real-time insights. However, the untapped potential lies in the inability of many network providers to access customer data. By harnessing network data effectively, telcos can decommission costly legacy networks and embrace the faster connection and download speeds offered by 5G networks.

Putting the customer first involves more than just understanding their data. Digital twin technology allows telcos to gain insights and offer personalized experiences. This approach can drive profitability and significantly improve customer satisfaction. To sustain and increase growth, telecom companies are adopting a data-driven ‘TechCo’ model. Mastering customer data is the key to success in this shift towards becoming fully-fledged technology companies. Those who fail to unlock the value of their data risk being left behind by their competitors.

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