Cloud Strategy

A cloud strategy needs to be effectively aligned with those requirements, and also provide clear awareness of the impacts across all stakeholders. For IT, this means pivoting from on-premise service management to multi-cloud operations, and that has proven difficult for many.

How Digital Transformation Is Reshaping Media Data Storage

Media and entertainment companies have been transformed by new digital products, platforms, and technologies. However, the entertainment industry has not…

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Data Storage Process with Advanced Cloud Infrastructure

The world is currently at a crossroads in terms of infrastructure and technology that will enable the future of the…

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Reduce Cloud Costs

As more and more organizations continue to embrace cloud technology, CFOs and CIOs are grappling with an existential cloud question.…

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Data Trends That Will Shape Future Business

CIOs take center stage in enhancing digital experiences and progressing digital solutions while the C-suite recognizes IT as an engine…

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Is Big Data Suitable for Multi-Cloud World?

Multi-cloud is the default state of many businesses today. According to the Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report, 92%…

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Is Cloud the Right Option for Hosting Data Lakes?

Most businesses have dozens of applications running to sustain their operations. Larger enterprises have even more complex setups. To make…

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