Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics is the autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data or content using sophisticated techniques and tools, typically beyond those of traditional business intelligence (BI). It is used to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.

7 AI and Big Data Myths You Should Not Fall for

It is easy to believe big data myths because the field is still new to us. According to Pace Harmon…

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People Analytics: Changing the Future of Workplaces

Work culture across industries has undergone rapid transformation in the past few years. Digital changes and advancements have redefined the…

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Behavioral Analytics Can Help Employers Address COVID-19

Behavioral analytics has come a long way and can help you remove workplace barriers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Knoa CEO…

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What Will Impact Unified Communications in 2020 and The Near Future?

Unified communications (UC) and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) are gaining prominence at an increasing rate. More so now,…

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Why You Need Behavioral Analytics for Enterprise Cybersecurity

The majority of the cybersecurity breaches happen due to human errors, and behavioral analytics can prevent this to a large…

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Businesses Must Establish an Analytics Center to Leverage AI

To leverage AI effectively, organizations must equip their management with an in-house analytics center. Hiring contractual talents and training the…

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Consumer Behavior Analytics: Predicting the Uncertain Moves

The primary focus of every business is its customers. Enterprises want to know anything and everything about them to strategize…

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Sophisticated Cyber-attacks? Behavioral Analytics Can Help You Fight Them

Cybercriminals run sophisticated cyber-attacks for months, but behavioral analytics can alert security teams beforehand. The best approach is to have…

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Big Data Can Now Power Up E-learning

E-learning is one of the many benefits that big data has offered to humanity. Service providers and product companies are…

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Why Behavioral Analytics Matters to Telcom Sector?

Digital transformation has changed the business models and strategies in every industry. And the telecommunications industry is no different. This…

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