Data Sources

A data source, in the context of computer science and computer applications, is the location where data that is being used come from. In a database management system, the primary data source is the database, which can be located in a disk or a remote server.

Music Trends: How Data Is Shaping Them Globally

Most people believe that music trends are dependent on artistic elements. They believe technical elements, instruments, and methodologies of the…

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Why You Must Transform Education for Data Literacy

Data analysis can help you understand how you can perform better in the future. With data evolution and shifting business…

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Big Data in Media – The Infallible Way to Be Competitive

As digital reality unfolds, the media and entertainment industries face new challenges every day. Today, customers are more demanding since…

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Can Big Data Transform Adaptive Learning Systems?

Listen to this article – 2:27 minutes According to a report by New Media Consortium, adaptive learning (AL) and learning…

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Choose To Be a Data-Driven Company or Stifle Your Business

Transforming a business while it is running requires a new approach. Almost every industry is undergoing rapid transformation caused in…

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How Much Global Data Is Produced and Where Is It Stored?

The sheer amount of global data produced every day is mind-boggling. At the current pace, the world creates one quintillion…

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Is Decentralized Data the Future of Data Storage?

Data storage has become an essential and unignorable feature of modern businesses. Organizations have realized that they cannot run their…

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How Graph Analytics Helps with Fraud Detection

Data science has become an accessible and approachable organizational aspect that can be used for the company’s data analysis with…

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How Is Graph Analytics Different from Other Analytics?

Graph analytics is comparatively a newer model of analytics, which, as the name suggests, analyzes the organization’s metadata in a…

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Are You Aware of the Reality of Data Lakes?

Organizations use data lakes or data warehouses to store massive amounts of data. However, proper security measures are not present…

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